The STORCO story started back in 1980 in Orange NSW. The founders of STORCO saw self storage, then in its infancy in Australia, as a whole new industry that would expand for decades providing a storage solution not yet dreamed of by most people.

A block of land was purchased and the first STORCO self storage building was built. This was a typical single level building housing mostly 6×3’s that would dominate the market for the next 15 years. Since then our product range and the geographical area STORCO serves has expanded to include single and multi level buildings, fitout systems, mezzanine floors, and lockers throughout Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Our dynamic team is dedicated to working closely with our clients in all areas of design and construction to deliver on clearly articulated business outcomes in a flexible manner.


We are an integral partner to the self storage industry, providing our clients with advanced products, reliable solutions and exceptional customer service. By doing this we are improving the welfare of our stakeholders including the wider community.


Corporate Governance & Risk Management

In today’s competitive world, we believe the key to client trust is transparency and integrity in everything we do. Openness begets honesty. It is a simple philosophy at the very core of our company.

Corporate Responsibility & Equality

A company’s greatest asset is its people. To that end, we invest in our staff as much as we invest in our adherence to corporate governance and transparency.

With a cultural environment built on tolerance, diversity, openness and integration, everyone at STORCO Storage Systems has a valuable role to play and is encouraged to grow and develop their skills through ongoing education, training and creative freedom. This provides an equal opportunity for all.


A sustainable business needs an equally sustainable ethos and commitment to the environment which is shared by all.

It’s about being a good neighbour, a good partner and making a positive impact.

There are many areas we can have a direct impact on helping to protect the environment. STORCO Storage Systems has pledged a commitment to reduce as much waste from our business as possible, and to recycling waste and using recycled materials.

This is just the first step in a long line of green initiatives that includes capping consumption.


Delivering on our COMMITMENTS 

INVESTING in our people

Demonstrating INTEGRITY in our dealings with others

Providing SOLUTIONS not problems

Succeeding as a TEAM not as individuals